Welcome to the Digital Library of the Swine Medicine Education Center

The Swine Medicine Education Center (SMEC) at Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine provides subscription access to a variety of materials to support the swine medicine training of veterinary students and practicing veterinarians. This resource is provided for an annual subscription fee. Revenue from these fees is used to build new content for the library. Your subscription allows unlimited access to the library and use of the resources. Non-video resources are available for download. Video resources are streamed on-demand but are not available for download. The library is organized into collections, each of which is composed of several related resources. You may search the site by key words or browse the collections by previews and titles. Each collection includes a link for feedback that is sent directly to SMEC staff. We appreciate your feedback to recommend additions and improvements.

In order to initiate your subscription, please provide the information requested below. An invoice with payment instructions will be sent to the email address that you provide. Once payment is received at SMEC we will activate your account.

Subscription rates for calendar year 2022 are (all prices are USD):

  • $50 for students enrolled at an AVMA accredited college of veterinary medicine
  • $350 for veterinarians licensed to practice in the United States or faculty at an AVMA accredited college of veterinary medicine
  • $5,000 for all others